ACAP Professional Year

Tatiana Gurry

Trainer, Brisbane


Tati holds qualifications in Business, Project Management, Neuroscience, Fitness, Mental Health and Adult learning. She is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. Tati enjoys helping her course participants achieve their career goals, and in her spare time, volunteering and crafting beadwork.


Tati is a project management, change management and training professional with over 24 years of experience working on Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Medical, Education, Information Systems and Consulting projects for private and government sectors in Australia and overseas. She is also a health and well-being advocate, running fitness and well-being programs and promoting Mental Health and well-being programs in business, communities and for individuals.

Over the last decade, she has followed her passion for training, focusing on developing and delivering interactive and engaging facilitation techniques and methods to meet learners’ needs.

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