ACAP Professional Year
Program Services


We help you get the most from your Professional Year

With each of our programs, we offer additional training and courses, software, activities and networking events to maximise your experience with us. Set yourself up for career success with our exclusive services.


To set you up for career success, we welcome all participants with an orientation. The orientation covers an overview of your enrolled program, the different support services we provide and participant expectations. Some of these include:

  • Code of conduct: expectations of our participants, trainers and staff during your work-readiness training
  • Student services: financial aid, counselling, complaints and appeals, etc
  • Important policies and documents and where to find them
  • Introducing the suite of platforms participants are expected to use throughout the program, such as the student portal, Moodle and SONIA
  • Introduction and expectation of the internship placement transition process

Social activities and events

Creating rapport with fellow ACAP Professional participants is an important part of our programs. We seek to provide fun, interactive activities and events for you to socialise with each other, your trainers and support staff as you go through your career journey with us. These activities and events also provide a glimpse into the Australian workplace culture, which includes:

  • Kahootz quizzes, charades and bingo activities
  • Sausage sizzles (an Australian barbecue)
  • Cultural events such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and other cultural days
  • Charity & supportive events such as “R U OK” day, Bridge to Brisbane, Room to Read and Classroom of Hope
  • Career Assistance Workshops

Networking events

With the ever-competitive job market, ACAP Professional understands the importance of networks. As networking can provide you with opportunities to learn from industry leaders, meet new associates and find future employment.

We encourage all program participants to attend networking events (for some programs, this is a requirement) so that they learn how to do this naturally and effectively. Professional Year participants must attend at least two networking events as part of their work-readiness training. Common events our participants join are:

  • CPA Career Expos
  • CAA Evening Events
  • EEA Chartered Workshop
  • ACS Branch Forums

English Test Preparation

We offer all new participants the choice of PTE-A or IELTS English test preparation training – at no additional cost.

Visit our English Language Requirements page to learn what level of English proficiency you need to enrol in our work-readiness programs.

Counselling Support

At ACAP you have access by self-referral to our free and confidential counselling support service. Our team of counsellors are experienced, registered with national accrediting bodies, and are here to support you to work on your personal and academic potential.

LinkedIn Learning – an online training platform

As a leading education provider, we know there is much to be said about self-learning to improve current skills set. Navitas Professional offers all new participants with access to LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn’s online training platform. You will have unlimited access to more than 5,000 quality courses to complement your coursework and continue your professional development outside of the classroom.

Who is eligible to access LinkedIn Learning?

All new participants in Professional Year Programs, Career Experience and Professional Internship Programs, and Marketing Career Advancement Program are eligible to access LinkedIn Learning.

What courses are available to me?

With numerous courses available in different industries, LinkedIn Learning provides courses that will benefit all Navitas Professional participants.

For example:

188 Advanced IT Courses for IT Graduates, including security, cloud computing, virtualisation, big data, databases and network administration.
4,164 Advanced Accounting Courses for accounting graduates, including finance, business skills and general accounting.
2,023 Advanced Engineering Courses suitable for engineering graduates, including design and CAD training.

How will LinkedIn Learning help me?

LinkedIn Learning allows students to learn first-hand from a diversity of industry leaders gaining a range of relevant information and tools. These leaders demonstrate and teach skills and abilities that employers are searching for. provides students with an opportunity to stay up-to-date by learning and practicing new skills that will assist them in finding employment.

For more information visit LinkedIn Learning, or watch the video below.

After 14 years delivering quality education to more than 15,000 graduates, the Professional Year Program (PYP) is closing nationally.  We will no longer be accepting applications for the PYP at any of our campus around Australia. ACAP will be supporting all current students enrolled in the PYP to complete their studies. For more information please contact [email protected].