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great partnerships lead to great work outcomes

We believe partnerships should be win-win. Whether you are an agent looking for the best work outcomes for your client, a host company looking for an awesome intern or a college advising your student on workplace training, ACAP Professional Year will partner with you to ensure the student gets the support they need to kickstart their career.


We believe that the relationship between agents and their clients is crucial to serving our target audience. Approved ACAP and Navitas Agents are well known for having a professional approach to assisting students with their next career step.

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Industry Partners

Ensuring the quality of engagement with interns and industry partners, we maintain an extensive network of over 4600 host companies, from Fortune 500 and ASX100 listed companies to local SMEs and government departments.

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Bridge your skills gaps


Drawing a new perspective from those outside of your day-to-day operations can be surprisingly inspiring and productive. Graduate and post graduate interns in IT, Engineering & Accounting could provide the fresh perspective you need.

Hiring an intern is the perfect way to see how a recent graduate performs in your company so you can make sure they are a good fit.

interns will boost your business

Hiring a graduate intern allows you to scale your team and think outside the box.
And if they are great, you can offer them a job. Everybody wins.

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