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ACAP Professional Year
Industry Partners

Industry Partners

Hosting a graduate intern can bring fresh thinking and new energy to your business.

Host a graduate intern and join hundreds of
successful industry partners

From filling your skills gaps, thinking outside the box and growing your business with their contribution, interns can make all the difference to your business.

As part of the Navitas Group, we are a world leader in the development and provision of educational services and learning solutions that meet the needs of the changing global environment. The ACAP Professional Year builds industry-specific and employability skills through a combination of coursework and internships.

We deliver the Professional Year Program (PYP) on behalf of the Australia Computer Society, CPA Australia, CA ANZ, IPA and Engineers Education Australia to enable students to develop the right skills to grow their careers in Accounting, ICT and Engineering, across a choice of eight locations; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

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Quality of engagement with interns and industry partners, is our top priority.

We work with an extensive network of 4,600+ host companies from Fortune 500 and ASX100 listed companies to local SMEs and government departments.

The video is a great overview from host companies and interns on the win-win relationship they have experienced.

You can read about other experiences below.

What are the benefits to your business?

There are no costs for partnering with us, only your time and commitment to ensure the internship benefits your business and develops the intern’s skills. Following are some advantages of hosting an intern:

• You may identify future talent and potentially contribute to your company’s future leaders. Several of our interns are offered permanent roles with their host companies.
• Graduate and post graduate interns in IT, Engineering & Accounting provide fresh perspectives.
• Being responsible for an intern is a great opportunity for your current employees to develop their leadership skills.
• Many of our interns are bilingual and their linguistic skills and overseas experience can be of enormous benefit to organisations.

View: Fair Work practices

We manage the placement of interns – all that is required of your business is to provide a safe learning environment.

Interns will need to be assigned a mentor from your organisation who will provide them with relevant authentic work, based on the agreed training plan.

We are responsible for ensuring all participants have the legal right to work in Australia. Participants are assessed by our team and relevant professional bodies to confirm that they have recently studied in their field and are competent to undertake an internship. All interns who are non-native English speakers have met requirements for competent English as described by DHA.

Our PYP participants come from Engineering, ICT and Accounting backgrounds. These skills cross many industries and we work with you to select and interview the most suitable interns.

Yes, all our interns have the right to undertake an internship within Australia.

Yes, under the Fair Work Act (2009) an unpaid work placement is lawful as long as: there is no entitlement to pay for the work the student undertakes. The placement must be a requirement of an education or training course and the institution delivering the course must be authorised to provide the placement.

Yes, our interns are covered for Group Personal Accident Insurance.

Yes, depending on the size of the organisation and the resources to train and mentor the intern.

Yes, the decision is yours once they have completed the internship. We do not charge a fee like a recruitment company would and we are always delighted when the intern has exceeded expectations.

Examples of Industry Partners

Here are some examples of host companies that ACAP Professional has successfully placed participants in.

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