ACAP Professional Year

Glashie Qudisa

Trainer, Brisbane


Executive MBA; Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy; TAE50216-Diploma of Training and designing ;Advance Diploma of Leadership & Management; Certificate IV in TAE40110 ; Advance Diploma in Management; Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management.  


I am an educator and have been mentoring university graduates with Australian Workplace and employability skills for the last 16 years. Within my role, I work extensively with learners in identifying skill gaps, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources for skills development and getting them job-ready.  

Training and Mentoring is my passion and I use this to empower learners to maximizing their potential. I believe that if we are encouraging and help others find their motivation, we are discovering the Leader in them, whilst discovering leaders, we become Mentors.