ACAP Professional Year
ACAP Professional Year: A new era of empowering global graduates

July 31, 2023

ACAP Professional Year: A new era of empowering global graduates

Navitas Professional joins the ACAP Family as ‘ACAP Professional Year’: A new era of empowering global graduates

The Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) proudly announces an exciting addition to its esteemed institution as it brings Navitas Professional fully into its fold. Starting August 1, 2023, Navitas Professional will be known as ‘ACAP Professional Year,’ marking a significant milestone in the expansion and transformation of the renowned program.

The ACAP Professional Year enables students to develop the right skills to grow their corporate careers in Accounting, ICT and Engineering, across Australia. The program is designed for international graduates from Australian universities to build industry-specific and employability skills to excel in the Australian work environment. As part of the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs’ initiative, the Professional Year Program has been helping international graduates thrive in the competitive job market since 2008.

The integration of the Professional Year Program into ACAP signifies a strategic move towards further growth and international outreach. ACAP has been diversifying its course offerings since 2021, expanding into new and complementary professional training areas such as management, law, and information technology. This transition opens doors to new opportunities and strengthens ACAP’s commitment to providing practical education, aligning its expertise in human behaviour with emerging technical skills, and guiding graduates for success beyond the classroom.

“We are thrilled to celebrate our 40th year of educational excellence by embracing the ACAP Professional Year as a key pillar of our institution,” stated George Garrop, CEO of ACAP. “As we connect onshore international students to the ACAP Professional Year, we reaffirm our vision of empowering global graduates through real-world practical education that enhances employability.”

The ACAP Professional Year will maintain the exceptional standards of the Navitas Professional offer, through expert trainers, quality internships, and a relentless commitment to fostering the best employment outcomes for its students. With the new name and renewed investment, the program is set to embark on an exciting journey of expansion, amplified sales and marketing efforts, and a fresh online presence with a new website and updated marketing materials.

ACAP is part of the Navitas Group, with extensive agent and host company connections across a broader spectrum of study and training and this development strengthens ACAP’s position as a leading provider of exceptional higher education in Australia.

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About Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP):

Now in its 40th year, ACAP has been at the forefront of delivering outstanding higher education in Australia. The institution specialises in programs that encompass Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, Coaching, MBA, GDLP, MIT, and the Professional Year Program. ACAP is committed to preparing graduates for successful careers by integrating personal development and real-world skills into its education offerings, shaping the workforce of tomorrow.